About Orthodontics

Most people decide to receive orthodontic treatment to get a healthy and beautiful smile. If you don’t feel confident about your smile yet, braces will help improve the way your smile looks and feels.  

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of! However, we want you to feel comfortable and confident during your treatment as well, so we make sure you get the quality care that you need.  

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work? 

Dr. Cochran will use appliances made of metal, ceramic, or plastic to guide teeth to their ideal positions over time. Braces do this by placing a gentle, controlled force on teeth to break down and rebuild bone tissue. Once your braces or aligners are removed, you will most likely need to wear a retainer to give the new bone time to harden and be able to support the new positions of the teeth. 

Before, we needed to use a metal band with a bracket around each tooth in order to straighten teeth. Now, you can pick clear or metal brackets and sometimes even the color of your appliance. The wires we use now are a lot less noticeable and they’re designed to move teeth faster. Now, you can wear braces at any age!  

How Long Does It Last? 

It varies. Usually, treatment time lasts between one and three years. This depends on factors such as age, treatment method, and how minor or severe your case is. However, one of the key elements is you! Your treatment will be more effective the more diligent you are. Also, early treatment for children might provide a quicker treatment time.  

Dr. Cochran will discuss all of your options and give you an estimate for how long your full treatment may take. Please call us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the orthodontic treatments we provide! 

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