Propel Excellerator

The Excellerator is a patented medical device designed to create Micro-Osteoperforations (MOPs) in order to significantly reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment. 

How It Works

This device can be used to create Micro Osteoperforations (MOPs), which are small pinhole perforations created in the bone around the teeth. It stimulates this area and helps move your teeth faster and more predictably to their correct places.

Propel Excellerator works by creating a localized inflammatory response. This chairside device helps shift your teeth and heal surrounding tissues faster than if you just used braces or aligners!

Benefits of Using Propel Excellerator

• You can decrease your treatment time by up to 50%.
• It’s a non-invasive alternative to orthodontic surgery.
• It’s safe and well-tolerated for a wide range of patients and treatments.
• It’s available to teen and adult patients.

If you’re interested in decreasing your orthodontic treatment time, ask Dr. Cochran about Propel Excellerator. She can refer you to a skilled Periodontist who will perform the procedure.

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